EVO Series offers practical active Line-Array solutions for different sizes and applications.
EVO20 is a high value professional 2-way Dual-10″ Line-Array system with excellent sonic performance and reliability, in a convenient and cost-effective package.
EVO55 is a unique portable sound reinforcement system featuring 4 element array vertical cluster and a Quad-12″ very high output Band-Pass subwoofer that contains the power modules of both the array and the subwoofer: up to 6 KW and 8 DSP Channels in total.
EVO24 is a 2.5-Way active Lin-Array, designed with the same plug-and-play simplicity and ease of configuration and deployment of EVO, but in a superior magnitude of SPL and “throw”, with extraordinary power-density: Dual-3″ Compression Drivers, Dual-12″ woofers and a 3 KW Class-D plus DSP integrated Power Module.
EVO55 and EVO24 will be launched Summer 2015.

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