IDEA ProAudio is a professional audio loudspeaker systems manufacturer based in Cedeira (Galicia-Spain), formed by a group of veteran professionals from the pro-audio industry in manufacturing and distribution, joined by a young team of professionals and engineers trained and experienced specifically in loudspeaker development and manufacturing in a radically custom dedicated  new factory, test facilities and modern assembly and QC lines.
Our mission is to deliver high quality, flexible but complete professional audio loudspeaker systems that maximize our customer’s product value and ROI, so the goal is to avoid any unnecessary sophistication but never compromise reliability nor performance, with focus on power density and price/performance in all our products.

Modular complete systems

IDEA products are, essentially, complete Loudspeaker + DSP + Amplification modular systems for mobile, portable, Touring and installerd professional sound reinforcement, that are all scalable and compatible to allow users to find the right configuration to meet the SPL, coverage, operational costs and logistic requirements for each application.

Product of Europe

Our products are the result of the extensive collaboration of four multinational European engineering teams, running parallel R&D programs in a network, centralized at the new IDEA manufacturing facilities in Cedeira.  A fresh contemporary approach, based only on European components and labor, meeting all CE Quality controls, procedures and standards.

Fair Deal

The goal of IDEA is to provide a dedicated network of users and distribution partners worldwide with hard-working professional audio tools that are equivalent in acoustic performance and construction quality to the most successful and respected European or American Brands, with prices, costs and production flexibility comparable to the Asian OEM suppliers.

Maximum Value

All our systems are focused on application convenience, absolute value and sonic excellence, while remaining within a product combination architecture that always ensures maximum performance ratio.
We have developed an original way to envision loudspeaker design, based on the manufacturing process and the final application.