IDEA staff was pleased to greet our exclusive distributor in Vietnam BACH VIET PRO, who came to Spain to get to know the team behind the professional audio equipment designed, manufactured and assembled here in Cedeira, Galicia (Northwestern Spain).

It was a productive visit, with the Managament and Marketing & Communications dept. from BACH VIET PRO being guided through a tour to IDEA‘s facilities, from the wood shop to the warehouse, incluiding the assembly line, the testing area and the electronics area, as well as the design and administration office.

BACH VIET PRO staff took advantage of the occasion to attend a listening session, conducted by our Sales Manager and Sound Technicians, paying close attention to the nuances of a variety of music cues to test and feel the performance of some of our models, such as BASSO10, LUA4C System, and LUA installation seriesand we can tell the feedback was incredible, full of thumbs up gestures after every demonstration.

At IDEA, we are proud to be represented in the thriving Vietnamese market by our colleagues and friends from BACH VIET, and hope our collaboration can go even further in the future, achieving new and grater accomplishments together.


You can visit BACH VIET PRO website here and check out their latest lighting and sound projects around Vietnam.