BR Sound Design was the company in charge for the sound design of “Cabaret”, one of Argentina’s most expected plays of the season. The installation was made entirely with IDEA loudspeakers, opting for 18 compact satellites LUA3i as frontfill and under balcony, and 6 passive LUA10 for side and near fill.

LUA3i  were chosen as a result of its compact-design, power output and sound clarity relation, a very important combination when it comes to theatre plays in this class of venues. LUA10, on the other hand, where opted to follow the same sound aesthetics adding some extra low frequencies to the system performance in a small package.

Lighting design was undertaken by Mariano de María, with technical support from Andrés Mattiauda – two of Argentina’s most renowned lighting designers –  guaranteeing a seamless scenic design.


We are thrilled to announce that we have recently added a new member to our distribution network. Prodio Asia Company Co.,Ltd. (Tel: +86 20 3480 8808) has become Idea distributor for China (including Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao). We are glad to have you with us!


BACH VIET has made a huge impact in HO Chi Minh at the ProSound 2019 event, showing a very interesting lineup of our products. EVO20-M, BASSO2121 and BASSO36 have made a great impression at the live show and the demo of EVO55+BASSO24t F400 lived up to the highest expectations there. Asia gave IDEA a warm […]

King Kong’s largest animatronic in the world roars with IDEA Pro Audio in Carthague Land Theme Park in Tunisia. EOS Rides, an Italian designer of theme park rides and attractions, has built a 42-foot tall animatronic King Kong for Carthageland in Hammamet, Tunisia. The giant ape will be the centrepiece of a new spinning coaster, also designed by […]