Our exclusive distributor in the Brazilian market, DECOMAC has just successfully completed the creation and implementation of an innovative sound project for the Teatro do Colégio Graded, located in Morumbi, São Paulo.

The process, from importing the material to delivering the fully functional project, took approximately 120 days. DECOMAC  was the company responsible for designing and supplying the equipment, ensuring a high quality result.

The system alignment was meticulously carried out by Alexandre Rabaço and Geremias Miranda, recognized experts in the field. The installation was carried out by the competent team at LR Installation, ensuring an efficient and professional implementation.

Each component was strategically chosen to provide maximum sound quality and guarantee a unique experience for the audience at Teatro do Colégio Graded. This project reflects DECOMAC ‘s commitment to offering cutting-edge audio solutions, consolidating its position as a reference in the sector.

The list of equipment used in the project includes:

PA system
6 × EVO88 System – totaling 12 Line array
8 × BASSO R118-A
2 × TEOd9

Front Fill
5 × EVO55-M

Delay Gallery / Top
2 × EVO55 System

Delay Lower gallery
4 × EXO66-A