IDEA is part of the equipment featured in the EmotionHall project by the firm 4DODO. EmontionHall is the first permanent immersive, modular and interactive Museum in Italy, dedicated to Art and Entertainment. It can be set up for exhibitions and events, featuring 2.000 square meters located in the context of Tiare Shopping, a meeting place in the North-East of Italy, equipped with the most advanced audio-video technologies and able to offer highly engaging experiences.

EmotionHall is currently home to the exhibitions Pinocchio, Vincent Van Love and Van Gogh-Il Sogno. (More info:

IDEA‘s models, tasked with helping provide the extraordinary inmersive sound experience of this innovative venue, are:

This selection of profesional IDEA models allows for the installation to live up to the highest standards demanded by such an innovative and complex project, which is intended to surround visitors with a completely new experience filled with light, form and sound.

The inmersive character of the installation demanded a different approach, blending the audio equipment with structural elements in order to let the visual and formal part of the exhibition to stand out. As Stefano Vidoz, CEO and Technical Director of 4DODO, explains: “Since the space required a clean install, the loudspeakers are almost invisible. We worked by hanging them on the ceiling or on the trusses in order to create an acoustic coverage zone for each loudspeaker, then every single loudspeaker was binded to a single amplifier channel, this allowed to control each acoustic zone independently, in terms of input signal, gain and delay.”

With this solution, IDEA models contribute to make the visit to EmotionHall a truly enjoyable experience, allowing visitors to marvel at the genius of the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh or feel touched by tenderness of the beloved Pinocchio.


4DODO is a studio that operates worldwide, specializing in immersive content production, real-time and interactive media as well as hardware and software development for theater, entertainment, and multimedia installations. Formed by a team of professionals specialized in different sectors, 4DODO was born 5 years ago, with the aim of providing support to institutions and companies that want to use cutting-edge digital technologies to make unique and unforgettable live experiences.