LUA Series

Compact, passive two-way loudspeakers that integrate a hi-spec IDEA proprietary HF assembly and exclusive premium-quality crossover boards to deliver outstanding sound clarity, definition and sonic versatility.

LUA Series models combine professional finish and solid construction with original stylish design and excellent acoustic qualities that are ideal for professional audio playback in mobile, AV and small portable sound reinforcement systems or distributed sound installed solutions.

LUA loudspeakers are specially indicated for fixed installations and those applications in which acoustical performance and aesthetics are essential, above absolute power delivery and road-readiness.


Install Satellite Speaker


5 " 2-Way Install Loudspeaker


2-Way 6-inch Install Loudspeaker


2-Way 10-inch Install Loudspeaker


2-Way Passive Monitor


4×3-inch Install Column Loudspeaker

LUA4C System

1.1 Active Portable System

OPI Series

OPI Series offers three different options: OPI40T, OPI60T and OPI80T, all of them intended to live up to demanding expectations when it comes to equipping outdoor installations like terraces, side pools and small events or parties.

OPI Series

Professional Installation Speakers

FCS Series

FCS Series features three different solutions: FCS4T, FCS5T and FCS6T, allowing for a wide range of ceiling applications.


FCS Series

Ceiling Speakers