EVO Series

EVO Series presents a range of active line-array systems (and passive counterparts) that provide convenient and powerful plug-and-play solutions for many applications from compact portable or full fledged concert sound to high impact installed.
The design goal of EVO Series is to provide operators serious professional Line Array behavior and performance with a contained cost and straightforward rugged simplicity. Using advanced Class D amplifiers and DSP with factory optimized array length compensating presets, with high quality materials and mechanical strength, EVO Series array systems deliver predictable and controlled results with simplified deployment and logistics.



Touring Line-Array System


4-way Touring Line-Array System


2×10” Two-Way Active Professional Line Array System


Two-Way Passive Professional Line Array System element

EVO88 System

Dual 8-inch Active Line-Array System


Dual 8-inch Passive Line-Array element

EVO55 System

Dual-5 inch Active Line-Array 4-element cluster


Dual 5-inch Passive Line-Array element


2-Way compact line array system