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Dual 18″ Direct Radiation Multipurpose & Touring Subwoofer

Large format, high performance dual 18" 2.4 kW subwoofer that brings the LF depth and absolute SPL levels expected from Touring Subwoofers to cover all the classic portable and installed applications of a well-known industry standard format, with superior price-performance ratio, component and construction quality, to provide audio professionals with the Best Value in the category.

  • Compact Dual 18˝ Direct Radiations design
  • Rugged and durable 18 mm birch plywood construction and finish
  • Premium European High Efficiency custom IDEA Transducers
  • 4 Ohm Passive
  • Dual Neutrik NL4 connectors
  • Durable Aquaforce paint, available in standard textured black or white, optional RAL colors (on demand)
  • Turn-key Factory Amplifier/DSP dedicated configurations
  • 36 mm pole cups and four integrated handles
  • High SPL A/V portable sound reinforcement
  • FOH for medium size performance venues and clubs
  • Main system for Regional Touring and Rental Companies

BASSO36 is dual 18″ Direct Radiation subwoofer that meets all the expectations for this well-known industry standard for Touring and large venues and High-SPL applications.
This large-format loudspeaker is capable of handling up to 2.4 kW at 4 Ω and provides a linear response typical of direct radiation subwoofer from 33 Hz with a warm & deep natural sound that matches any sound reinforcement system. Thanks to a carefully designed and tuned cabined and eight symmetrical front-firing ports that allow for extremely linear excursion of woofers, maximizing their SPL response and minimizing mechanical distortion.
Like All IDea Loudspeakers BASSO36 is built with the necessary structural strength and finish quality required for durable touring use. The high quality 18 mm birch plywood enclosure covered with IDEA Aquaforce custom paint solution and a 2 mm steel front grill will keep your equipment safe and brand new after hours of heavy touring.

Enclosure design Bass Reflex
Transducers 2 x 18”
Power Handling (RMS) 2.4 kW
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
SPL (Continuous/Peak) 134/140 dB SPL
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 33 – 100/125/150/180 Hz
Frequency Range (-3 dB) 40 – 80/100/125/145 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 1200 x 600 x 740 mm (47.2 x 23.6 x 29.1 in)
Weight 98 kg (216 lbs)
2 x Neutrik speakOn NL-4 in parallel
Cabinet Construction 18 mm Plywood
Grille 2 mm perforated weatherised steel with protective foam
Finish Durable IDEA proprietary Aquaforce paint coating process
Handles 4 integrated handles
Feet/Skates 4 skates
Installation 36 mm Pole mount socket (V/H)
Accessories 35 mm Pole (K&M-21336)
Wheels (WH-04)

* Specifications may be subject to change without notice.