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EVO55 System

Dual-5 inch Active Line-Array 4-element cluster

EVO55 System is an active 4-element line-array cluster for professional install sound reinforcement systems. One 1.4 kW Class-D element powers 3 passive elements providing excellent modularity and versatility.


EVO55 System 4-element line-array cluster is a unique professional install sound reinforcement solution that offers excellent modularity and versatility.

This very compact 4-element array cluster (smaller than a typical 15″ 2-way loudspeaker) will always deliver SPL and coverage beyond the physical size of the system, while it can be rigged and operated with minimal logistical resources. It can be pole mounted, stacked and flown very easily by only operator.

EVO55 elements  features HF assembly with a 1″ compression driver and a proprietary wave-guide design and a dual-5″ woofer configuration for the LF section.

These premium-quality, high-performance European transducers a dedicated passive crossover filter  allow for a natural, linear response throughout the useful frequency range spectrum without any processing of the system.

The integrated weatherised steel rigging structure and stacking, transport and rigging accessories make EVO55 System a really plug-and-play professional sound reinforcement solution.


  • 2-Way Dual 5″ Ported Compact Line-Array element
  • 1 element of active EVO55-M powers three EVO55-P passive elements
  • Premium European High Efficiency custom IDEA Transducers
  • Proprietary IDEA High-Q 4-slot line-array waveguide
  • Dedicated transport /storage/rigging accessories and flying frame
  • Matching subwoofer for stacked and flown setups with BASSO24t F400, active and passive versions available.


  • Ultra-compact High SPL installed sound reinforcement
  • FOH for small to medium size performance venues and clubs
  • High SPL A/V portable sound reinforcement
EVO55-M (x1) EVO55-P (x3)
Enclosure design  5˚ Trapezoidal
LF Transducer 2 × 5” High Performance Woofers
HF Transducer 1 × 1” Compression Driver
Amp/DSP Module 1.4 kW
Power Handling (RMS) 300 W
Nominal Impedance LF: 16 Ω | HF: 16 Ω
SPL (Continuous/Peak)
per element
121/127 dB SPL
SPL (Continuous/Peak)
4-element system
125/131 dB SPL
Frequency Range (-10 dB)
per element
69 – 19000 Hz
Frequency Range (-3 dB)
per element
95 – 17000 Hz
Connectors 2 × XLR + 2 × PowerCON + 2 × NL-4 2 × NL-4
Cabinet Construction 12/15 mm Birch Plywood
Grille 1.5 mm perforated weatherised steel with protective foam
Finish Durable IDEA proprietary Aquaforce High Resistance
paint coating process
Rigging Hardware High-resistance, coated steel integrated 4-point rigging hardware
(internal splay angles: 0˚-1.25˚-2.5˚-5˚)
Dimensions (W×H×D) 416 × 154 × 396 mm 416 × 154 × 334 mm
Dimensions (W×H×D)
416 × 622 × 396 mm
Weight – per element 15.8 kg 13.3 kg
Weight – System 55.7 kg
Handles 2 integrated handles
Accessories Rigging frame (RF-EVO55)
Rigging frame stack (RF-EVO55-STK)
Pole adaptor (PA-EVO55)
Extensible pole with hand crank (P-21338)

* Specifications may be subject to change without notice.


Spare Parts

  • CD100-16 | Compression Driver
  • L5-15-8 | Woofer 5″
  • R-CD100-16 | Membrane for Compression Driver
  • R-L5-15-8 | Membrane for Woofer 5″
  • AMP-LITEMOD HV | Power Module
  • HS-EVO55 | Heat Sink
  • PM-LITEMOD-HV (Power module + interface + DSP LITE + Heatsink)
  • WG-EVO55 | Wave Guide