Dual 8-inch active stage monitor

EXO SM16-A is a very high-power density compact stage monitor. Conceived to provide sound engineers and monitor users with most of the advantageous qualities, such as compact size and symmetric design, while providing superior SPL, greater dynamic headroom, deeper LF extension in a shallower cabinet.


EXO SM16-A is an active high-performance stage monitor, featuring 2×8″ high-quiality woofers and a 3″ compression driver. The 80° x 50° dispersion provided by the horn offers a well defined coverage. Its compact design, common in smaller monitors, surprises for its sound pressure. EXO SM16-A allows for any kind of applications. In its vertical position, acts as a powerful PA loudspeaker. It can be flown with a specific U-bracket. EXO SM16-A stands out for its versatility and practicity due to its compact size.

The HF section of the SM16-A utilises a large magnetic assembly (150 mm) for a 3″ voice coil, 1.4 exit compression driver (also present in EVO88) coupled with an 80o × 50o mm horn. This large HF system ensures clear, undistorted MF/HF and very high SPL at both stage monitoring distances and in stage Fill/FOH applications. The DSP presets included in the Powersoft 1.2 kW power-module offer four possibilities.

Stage Monitor is the basic preset for onstage standing performers (with vocal or instrument microphones situated between 1.55 and 1.85 m from the monitor) with de-emphasis of critical troublesome frequencies to expedite the monitor mixing engineer work. The Close Field preset is intended for musicians that play or perform while sitting down, with the monitor much closer (900 mm to 1300 mm), like drummers, pianists and guitarists.

The Full Range preset offers a linear and flat response for the EXO SM16 to be used as Main PA in portable systems or as side/front/stage fill, covering larger distances and audiences.
And the 100 Hz HPF preset offers the same uncoloured sonic characteristics with even greater dynamic headroom when used with subwoofers as Drum-Fill or FOH.

EXO SM16-A offers all the most welcome features of a dedicated stage monitor, with diminutive footprint, great multipurpose versatility and extraordinary output for such a compact loudspeaker. It is available with a tilt & lock U-Bracket for Pole mounting and Truss suspension. A two-unit wheeled flight-case is optional, as well as soft-padded protective covers.


  • Very high power-density
  • Compact, minimal footprint, shallow design
  • 1.2 kW Class-D Powersoft power module
  • Integrated 24-bit @48kHz DPS with 4 selectable presets
  • 2×8″ Premium European custom IDEA transducers by Beyma
  • Neutrik PowerCON and XLR connectors
  • Rugged and durable 15 mm birch plywood
  • 1.5 mm Aquaforce coated steel grille
  • 36 mm Pole mount cup
  • Dedicated transport, installation and rigging accessories


  • Stage Monitor
  • Side/Front/Drum-fill
  • A/V portable and installed sound reinforcement
  • Mobile entertainers and voice reinforcement
Enclosure design Wedged
LF Transducers 2 × 8″ High performance woofer
HF Transducers 3″ Voice coil Compression Driver (1.4 Exit, 120 mm magnet)
Class D Amp Continuous Power 1.2 kW
DSP 24bit @ 48kHz AD/DA – 4 selectable presets:
Preset 1   –  Stage Monitor
Preset 2  –  Close Field
Preset 3 –  Full-Range
Preset 4 –  100 Hz HPF
SPL (Continuous/Peak) 130/136 dB SPL
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 52 – 20000 Hz
Frequency Range (-3 dB) 72 – 18000 Hz
Coverage 50°/80°- 80°/50° (H/V) Rotating Horn
Dimensions (WxHxD) 470 × 320 × 512 mm
Weight 25.3 kg
Audio Signal Connectors
AC Connectors 2 × Neutrik powerCON® I/0
Power Supply Universal, regulated switch mode
Nominal Power Requirements 100 – 240 V 50-60 Hz
Current Consumption 1.3 A
Cabinet Construction 15 mm Birch Plywood
Grille 1.5 mm perforated weatherised steel with protective foam
Finish Durable IDEA proprietary Aquaforce High Resistance paint coating process
Handles 1 integrated handles
Feet/Skates 8 Rubber feet
Installation 14 threaded M8 inserts. Bottom 36 mm pole mount socket
Accessories U-bracket (UB-EXO-SM16)
Flight Case (FC-EXO-SM16)
35 mm Pole (P-21336)


* Specifications may be subject to change without notice.


Spare Parts

  • L8-26-8 | Woofer 8″
  • CD300-8 | Compression Driver
  • R-L8-26-8 | Membrane for Woofer 8″
  • R-CD300-8 |Membrane for Compression Driver
  • H-8050CD | Horn 80°×50°
  • AMP-LITEMOD | Power Module