Rigging frame structure for VOA816

The VOA6036 rigging structure works as a width adaptor for 360mm VOA8 array elements and BASSO 600 mm subwoofers (bass-reflex BASSO18, 21 and 24 as well as band-pass 18t and 24t), allowing for quick, easy and secure deployment of VOA8 arrays in flown and stacked setups in combination with BASSO subwoofers.
The dual rigging bar locks VOA8 elements in the inner bars and BASSO subwoofers in the external bars of this solid, rugged rigging structure. Designed to seamlessly fit and lock with VOA8 integrated rigging hardware, VOA6036 also features dedicated holes to stow locking pins.
Use the Raisers adaptor kit for stacked configurations with BASSO subwoofers.

Construction Weatherized steel
Max. array elements load 16 x VOA8 elements
Design Factor 12:1
Weight 22.5 Kg
Dimmensions 80 x 650 x 628 mm