IDEA Systems powered by QSC


All IDEA Pro Audio passive, bi-, tri- and quad-amp loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems will be powered by PLD Series 4.5 and 4.2 amplifiers.


Ideally suited to be the optimal system amplifier solution for any Portable PA and Touring solution, the PLD Series’ revolutionary and flexible amp design enhances the high power-density and celebrated sonic performance of the increasingly popular IDEA Loudspeakers systems, while allowing for a wide and flexible range of options for future system growth and configuration.

Dedicated, selectable system presets

PLD system amplifiers allow the loudspeaker system operator to select the corresponding DSP settings from a custom list of IDEA presets, for maximum ease of system setup, deployment and field tuning, with an instant recall of the necessary optimal loudspeaker configuration being in use.

The factory presets include those specific to a single loudspeaker model and those that cover most common and recommended configurations, like subwoofer + top box solutions, Line-Array configuration or cardioid subwoofer set-ups, for example.

All speaker profile and presets include not only conventional and FIR filtering, crossover settings and EQ contours, but also power limiting dynamic control settings, that allow to obtain the maximum acoustical output, while protecting the loudspeaker transducers from excessive voltage drives, thermal issues and over-excursion, prolonging the usable life of the speakers and above all an always satisfactory and dynamic headroom, responsible for most of the perceived sound quality and loudness.

Sound engineers can operate them directly on the convenient front panel large color high resolution LCD screen of the amplifier, via the USB connectors or remotely with Desktop, laptop or Tablets using wireless connectivity solutions.

Flexible power allocation for optimum system performance

PLD 4.5 amplifiers use the exclusive and innovative F.A.S.T. technology to deliver their extraordinary output power in a uniquely flexible way. The total available power of the PLD power supply, with staggering values in excess of 150 V continuous, that translates into 5 KW continuous power and 8 KW peak power, can be distributed in the most clever possible way across the 4 channels of the amplifier.

The four routable amplifier channels can be paired in series or parallel thanks to F.A.S.T to handle almost any level of loudspeaker load impedance while transferring unused power headroom from channels with less demanding power requirements (Tops Full range, MF and LF, for example) to make it available in those with heavier loads (Subwoofers, LF ways, etc…)

All imaginable combinations of IDEA loudspeakers can be easily setup and configurated, from a compact portable 2.1 sub-top configuration with PLD 4.2 to a very large, sophisticated Touring sound Line-Array concert solution with a set of PLD 4.5 amplifiers.

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